Sterling Silver Om Pendant Necklace Decorated with CZ Simulated Diamonds, Plated with Rhodium

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     Om is an ancient mantra that is used in Hinduism and Buddhism, among other faiths. Om is a very simple sound with a complex meaning. It is the whole universe coalesced into a single word, representing the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga.  Often chanted three times at the start and at the finish of a yoga session, the sound of om is actually three syllables: a, u, and m. 

     This sterling silver Om pendant necklace is decorated with CZ simulated diamonds, plated with Rhodium and is part of our new jewelry collection.  It's also another great piece that represents someone's inner peace!  This Om pendant is 925 sterling silver and measures 17 mm in width and 25 mm in height and is perfect on this 16", 1.3 mm wide sterling silver chain made in Italy.