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Q: How are we handling customer safety in regards to COVID-19? 

A:  Bountifuls Boutique and Gail's Creek, have always adhered to a stricter sanitation policy due to the intended receivers of our gifts and the intended use of our items. In response to the outbreak, we have doubled-down on our efforts to maintain a clean environment to ensure safe products for our customers. All of our products are individually packaged and sealed before ever being placed in their shipping containers to minimize any chances of contamination. If you have any additional questions or concerns, we would be happy to answer them! Please stay safe! 

Q: What is a diaper cake?

A: A diaper cake is a collection of individually wrapped or rolled disposable diapers artfully arranged to look like a cake that is decorated with much needed baby care items and accessories. There are 3 different ways to decorate a diaper cake. You can decorate just the outside, just the inside or both. We offer all.

Q: What sizes and products do you use to make your diaper cakes?

A: We only use high quality items in our cakes. Our diaper cakes are created with newborn ( up to 10 Lbs.), 1 (8 to 14 Lbs.) , and 2 (12 to 18 Lbs.) size diapers. We use Pampers, Luvs and Eco-friendly Seventh Generation disposable diaper brands. Seventh Generations diapers are slightly tan because they are free of chlorine, fragrance and latex.

Q: What makes a diaper Eco-friendly? 

A: Eco-friendly diapers are hypoallergenic, made for your baby's sensitive skin and contain no lotions or fragrances, have ultra-absorbent cores free from chlorine bleaching, and are FSC-certified.

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Q: Do you use glue on your diapers?

A: No. Our cakes are strongly constructed but can easily be dismantled. Ever thing can be used. You can even re-use the embellishments as keepsakes or to decorate Baby’s first photo album.

Q: Are you cakes pre-made?

A: Yes and No. We try to maintain a stock of pre-made items. If we are out of stock of an item we will create it once the order has been placed and paid for. Some items may slightly differ from the picture if we are out of a particular product or if it is no longer available to us. If this happens we will promptly notify the buyer prior to completing the order. *****Any substitutions or changes will be of equal or greater value. *****  If this is acceptable to the purchaser we will then complete the order.

Q: How long will it take to get my diaper cake?

A: Once an order has been placed. Please allow us 1 - 3 business days to ship your items and 1 - 5 business days to create & ship *** Custom orders***. You will receive an email confirming your order and another email when your order has shipped with its tracking number & link. You may use this link to check the status of your order at any time.

Q: Can my gift be gift wrapped?

A: All of our items come decoratively packaged with ribbon, label and gift card at no addition charge. Layer diaper cakes also come wrapped in tulle with a bow in addition to the standard packaging.

Q: What makes your soaps all-natural? 

A: We at Gail's Creek believe that our products should come from nature and nature alone, which means that we use nothing but plant-sourced ingredients. 

Q: How organic are your soaps? 

A: Our products are 85% organic materials. 

Q: Can customers with eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea use our soaps? 

A: Our soaps feature no harmful chemicals and therefore are kind to customers with these skin conditions. In fact, our owner and founder has psoriasis and swears by the Blood Orange Bergamot! 

Q: How does your soap get its color? 

A: We use a variety of herbs to extract the colors for our soaps and some of the essential oils lend their pigment as well. 

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. We also accept Etsy gift cards at our store on

Q: How do you ship your gifts?

A: We ship our gifts by USPS. Please note: Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays are not included in transit and/or delivery times for packages sent by USPS.